Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Freebie: 2nd Night of FTP

Last night (Tuesday September 1, 2009), I ran Freebie on a FTP drill once again. The line to the back pile was slightly longer than the night before. On the previous night he showed me complete focus and confidence as we performed the drill. We were even able to run a series of back casts to the pile from a remote position. Once again, this animal showed complete confidence and focus running the drill. I was very happy with his performance. Out of 24 retrievers he only broke once. Not bad for a animal who when I started to run this drill had a issue with having to retrieve "NOW" whether I said go or not. I continued to use the white 5-gal bucket as pile indicator. The plan is to continue to use the 5-gal bucket and slowly fade into using a 1.0-inch diameter PVC tube over a time peroid of the next 7-10 days. Within this period I also will be replacing the white bumpers I am currently using now with orange. Thoughts of using a different color bumper are also on my mmind; gotta buy 'em first!

Looking forward to a third night of successful FTP drill work with him. Should we run the drill without any glitches, I plan to start expanding into reducing the size of the back pile marker, utilize orange bumpers instead of white, moving into 3 handed casting, whistles sits, and slowly bring everything together.

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